07. - 14. August 2004, Warsaw, Poland

NAVIGA - World Organization for Modelshipbuilding and Modelshipsport
Realizing Organization:
National Defence League - National Board in Warsaw
National Defence League - Mazovian Regional Board in Warsaw
Sport and Tourism Office of Warsaw City
Place of championship:
Warsaw - Razsyn
Term of championship:
07.-14. August 2004
Model categories:
Hydro I; Hydro II; Hydro III
Mono I; Mono II; Mono III
F1-E1 kg; F1E+1kg
F1V-3,5; F1V-7,5; F1V-15
F3-E; F3-V
S7 , S14 only for demonstrate
division of categories for juniors and seniors
Deadline for entry:
15 May 2004
Starting fee:
Seniors 15,- Euro each model and class
Juniors 10,- Euro each model and class
Eco Team 20,- Euro each team
Championship Office:
Liga Obrony Kraju Biuro Zarządu Głównego
Secretary of 2004 NAVIGA World Championhip - Wlodzimierz MELION
00-791 Warszawa, ul. Chocimska 14, Poland
phone: +48 22 849 34 51 internal: 224, 242
fax: +48 22 849 76 26
e-mail: modelarskie@lok-zg.org.pl
website: http://www.lok-zg.org.pl/
Championship rules:
The Championship will be governed by NAVIGA Rules.
Only members of the national federations which are members of the NAVIGA are permitted
27, 35, 40, 41 MHz
Oscillation frequency:
F1V category
27 MHz: Crystals 1 - 9
40 MHz: Crystals 50, 52, 54
35 MHz: Crystals 62, 64, 63
41 MHz: Crystals 400, 401, 402

F3E, F3V, F1E category
27 MHz: Crystals 10 - 18
40 MHz: Crystals 51, 53, 92
35 MHz: Crystals 61, 63, 65
41 MHz: Crystals 403, 404, 405

27 MHz: Crystals 19 - 32
40 MHz: Crystals 55 - 91
41 MHz: Crystals 406 - 420
35 MHz: Crystals 68 - 72
Competitor's arrival and judges: 6 August 2004
Registration and free training: 7 August 2004
Opening Ceremony: 7 August 2004
The first three winners from each model class will receive medals, cups and diplomas. All competitors participating in championship will receive diplomas.
Security services:
Safety will be provided by the police and professional security services.
Jury will be appointed by NAVIGA
Representative of Naviga:
Helmut Türk (A) General Secretary
Chief judge:
Peter Schmidt (D)
Secretary of competition:
Włodzimierz Melion (PL)
Chief judge of classes:
F1V: Herrer Karl (A)
F1E: Marian Wyrzykowski (PL)
F3: Andrzej Czarczyński (PL)
ECO: Ivan Skaba (Cz)
Hydro , Mono: Breklinghause Anton (D)
Technical chief :
Jan Stolarek (PL)
Computer assistants:
Ivan Kneys (CZ) , Lech Mazurczak (PL)
Starting fee:
Seniors 15,-Euro each model and class
Juniors 10,-Euro each model and class
Eco Team 20,-Euro each team
in accordance with NAVIGA Rules, fee - 10 EUR
Costs of fuel:
F1V 3,5 - 4 EUR
F1V 7,5 - 6 EUR
F1V 15 - 10 EUR
the price includes cost of fuel for the whole competition
The banquet fee per person: 20 EUR
Bank details:
BPH PBK S.A. I O/Warszawa
account number: 54 1060 0076 0000 4010 1019 7014
starting fee, fee for banquet and fuel has to be paid by national federation at the latest 15.06.04 to the account mentioned on the national federation application.
Condition of admission:
Official participants (competitors and team leaders)must be delegated by their national federation. National federations can enter max. 5 competitors foe each class (except World champion). In classes ECO-Team only two cooperations from one country should take part in competition.
Send application form and fees in right term. For each model (reserve as well) a valid Naviga model licens must be shown at the registration.
Each competitor has to have 4 crystals in each class (FSR-E , Eco , Eco-Team , Mono , Hydro).
Each team leader must bring a cassette with its national anthem plus 4 pcs state flags , dimension 150x100 cm to the registration. Flags and anthems will be returned after closing ceremony.
The organizer will send you a confirmation of entries and further information after the receipt of your application form and fees.
If there are not send up at least 10 competitors from 5 countries(senior) or 5 competitors from 3 countries (juniors) no World champion will be announced.
Age limit for junior : born in 1986 and later.
07.08.2004 (Saturday) - registration and World Championship Opening Ceremony
08.08.2004 (Sunday) - ECO; Hydro; Mono
09.08.2004 (Monday) - F1; F3; ECO Team
10.08.2004 (Tuesday) - ECO; Hydro; Mono
11.08.2004 (Wednesday) - F1; F3, ECO Team
12.08.2004 (Thursday) - ECO; Hydro; Mono
13.08.2004 (Friday) - F1, F3, ECO Team, Banquet
14.08.2004 (Saturday) Final ECO, Hydro, Mono , Close Ceremony

All information about accommodation will be send till 1.03.04