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Invitation for the  GRAUPNER HYDRO-SPEED CUP 2004

for Model-Racing-Boats On June 5th and 6th, 2004.  Lake "Oberer See" in Böblingen, Tübinger Str., close to "Kongresshalle"

For the classes MONO I-III, HYDRO I-III, MONO S-7 , MONO S-14, HYDRO S-14 and the GRAUPNER ready-to-run Models B24, PHANTOM, RED STILETTO, RHODE ISLAND the SMC Stuttgart e.V. will organise an International Friendship Race on June 5th and 6th, 2004. For the GRAUPNER ready-to-run models there will be a separate rating for  youths below 18 years and an extra award for the best result with a GRAUPNER MEGA DRAGSTER II in the MONO S-14 class. The competition starts on Saturday at 10:00 h am. Registration on Saturday from 8:00 to 9:00 h am. The results in the MONO/HYDRO classes count for the Europa-Cup 2004.
Entry restrictions

None. Everybody can participate with his own boat which fits to the construction rules.

Competition rules:

Similar to the NAVIGA-Rules. Final races in all classes on Sunday for the 6 best drivers of the pre-races. Depending from the number of inscriptions there will be 3 or 4 pre-races. For the participation in the final race the sum of the 2 best races will be taken into account. Race duration:: MONO I-III: 6 Min., HYDRO I-III 5 Min., MONO S-7:  8 Min., MONO S-14: 7 Min., HYDRO S-14: 6 Min. Ready-to-run models: 5 Min. Please bring your own number plates with you. No protest foreseen, we all want to have fun.

Lap count with transponders and the AMBrc-System. If you have no personal transponder weekend transponders are availabe for lending charge, loss of such a transponder will be charged with 90,00 €.
Construction rules:

MONO and HYDRO I-III: similar to the actual NAVIGA rules.

S-7, S-14 (incl. MEGA DRAGSTER II) and HS-14: similar to the actual NAUTICUS rules.

GRAUPNER read-to-run models:  as-produced ready-to-run models B24, PHANTOM, RED STILETTO, RHODE ISLAND with closed, non-modified, rechargeable battery 6 cells max. size Sub-C.

  Trophies: Cups for all classes, place 1 - 3, for the youths prices as sponsored.


With entry form to Ernst Vees, Winnender Strasse 31, D-73630 Remshalden.

Minimum 4 Frequencies from 26.995 - 27.255 and/or 40.715 - 40.985 MHz required.  No other frequency bands are permitted.!

Entry Fee:
12,00 €, youths 6,00 € and fee for weekend transponder use 2,50 € per boat, unless you use your personal transponder. 
Send Money to:

Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, Acc. # 7 201 462 (Bank Code 600 501 01)

Closing Date:  
May 5th , 2004  
Entry Confirmation
after closing date and received entry fee a preliminary timetable and heat schedule will be sent.
Hotels and Rooms can be found through: "Verkehrsamt der Stadt Böblingen" at . Limited Camping possible, ~ 800 m from race site.
close to the race site. The lake is in the city.
Further Information
Homepage of SMC or request by mail from: Ernst Vees, Winnender Strasse 31, D-73630 Remshalden.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

SMC Stuttgart e.V.